Friday, February 26, 2016

Leap Into Literacy!!

In honor of Leap Day (February 29th, when students are not in school due to a teacher in-service), we celebrated Leap Into Literacy Day today!!  There were all sorts of hoppers and leapers around the school!  Students were divided up into eight mixed-grade groups with animal names such as Kangaroos, Red Eyed Tree Frogs, Hares, and Impala.  They all began the day with an introduction in the gym, then headed off to activities including bookmark making, book making, movement and music, and quesadilla making!  Everyone stopped in the library to choose two new "forever books" in a CLiF book giveaway, and we ended the day back in the gym where a group of 3rd and 4th graders presented a puppet show of "Who's In Rabbit's House?" to the rest of the school!  It was a super fun day!!  The fourth graders realized at lunchtime that only the kindergartners will be at Central School when the next Leap Day comes around!  We may have to plan another Leap Into Literacy Day sooner than that!!

Mr. Nemlich created a video about Leap Into Literacy Day!  You can view it here.