Thursday, March 24, 2016


Natalie Kinsey Warnock has spent the week at Central School, teaching the 3rd and 4th graders and their teachers all about using primary and secondary sources to find family stories!  Students have been using online resources like, Heritage Quest, and Find A Grave to search for their ancestors.  They have also learned about dating photographs by hair styles and dress fashions.  Natalie has told us amazing stories from her own family, and we've even listened to an old-time phonograph!  (It was a bit screechy!!)  Now students will focus in on one member of their family to learn their life story and to tell it through at least three sources.  Natalie will be back next week to help with our research, and then we will prepare for presentation to the school and community on April 27th.  Natalie's residency at Central School is part of our Year of the Book, a grant given to CES by the Children's Literacy Foundation!  Thank you, CLiF!!
The Canada Geese Quilt!

Two family stories that Natalie made into books!

Learning about the history of photography

Dating photographs based on men's fashion.

Dating photographs based on women's hair styles!

An artifact from a plane crash!

Examining the artifact!

Natalie's research on Amanda Colburn Farnham Felch!

Music from the '90's....the 1890's, that is!!

Winding up the victrola!

The tools of research we will be using to find our family stories!

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