Friday, September 25, 2015

A Busy BOOK Day in September!

The book giveaway!  Choices, choices!

Jim Arnosky!!  

The ice cream social!!

Sharing our new books with book buddies!

On September 24th, we celebrated the return of over 90% of our reading contracts with a special day of book activities!!  In the morning we had our second book giveaway!  This time each student was able to choose one book to keep.  Then in the afternoon, author/illustrator/naturalist Jim Arnosky visited Central School for a presentation of his books and songs.  Next we enjoyed a yummy ice cream social to celebrate our reading commitment!!  Finally, we capped off our day by pairing up with a reading buddy from another class and sharing our new books!  Last but not least, we got to take home our new book shelves!!
Our new bookshelves, complete with artwork of the sun and the moon to symbolize reading from morning until night!

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