Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The One and Only Ivan

Everyone is reading Ivan!
During the month of October, we embarked on an all-school book club experience using the book The One and Only Ivan, written by Katherine Applegate.  Thanks to the financial support of the CES Parent Teacher Organization and the organizational wizardry of an organization called Read to Them, we were able to participate in One School, One Book, a program where every student and staff member at a school receives and reads the same book, uniting the community around a shared literary experience.
Counting the Change!
On Monday, October 5th, everyone received a copy of what would quickly become known around Central School as simply Ivan.  With daily trivia contests and read-alouds as well as art projects and research assignments related to the book and to gorillas in general, talk about Ivan soon began buzzing around the school.  Midway through the month, two third graders introduced the idea of a penny drive for gorilla protection and conservation, and Mrs. Sellarole's math group took on the task of counting the money and reporting daily on our progress.  We learned lots about gorillas, in general, and Ivan in particular, and we were excited to learn that Ivan was rescued from his sad situation at the shopping mall to live out his life at Zoo Atlanta in Georgia.
Our Skype session with Jodi Carrigan!

To culminate our month of Ivan, we were so fortunate to get to Skype with Jodi Carrigan, who was Ivan's caretaker at Zoo Atlanta.  Jodi answered all sorts of questions for us and shared pictures and stories of Ivan with us.  What a special way to end our special month!!

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